Company History

In March of 2009, Sprott Resource Corp announced the launch of One Earth Farms Corp, a large scale, fully integrated corporate farming entity. Operating out of its head office in Saskatoon, One Earth Farms had operations in both cattle and crop farming, with a goal to become Canada’s largest, most efficient operating farm. 

A few years later in February of 2013, One Earth Farms announced the acquisition of Beretta Farms Inc. a leader in the natural and organic meat industry that was experiencing great success within the Greater Toronto Area.  Following this purchase, One Earth Farms then went on to acquire Sweetpea Baby Food, a Toronto based organic baby food company that focused on providing healthy options to busy parents all across Canada. 

Since the acquisition of Beretta Farms in 2013, One Earth Farms has realigned its strategy to be a fully integrated farm to fork company with the goal of creating value through healthy food experiences.  After moving the head office to Toronto, the company decided to no longer participate in crop farming because of its changes in strategic goals. Along with operations in cattle, One Earth Farms is developing its portfolio to include a diverse group of brands that will help them achieve their goal of becoming the company consumers look to for their healthy food alternatives.