Our Investors

Sprott Resource Corp.

Sprott Resource Corp. first invested in One Earth Farms in 2009 and continues to hold a majority ownership position. SRC invests in and operates through its subsidiaries in the natural resource sector, including One Earth Farms Corp. SRC currently has investments and operations in oil and gas, energy services, agriculture and agricultural nutrients. The company takes an active involvement in the businesses in which it invests. SRC is dedicated to generating consistently superior returns on capital for its shareholders, while focusing on risk management and real wealth preservation.

SRC seeks to accomplish these objectives by acquiring or starting attractive businesses at the right time, growing the value organically or through acquisitions, and by maintaining financial flexibility to be responsive to the needs of its businesses and to capitalize on new opportunities. To learn more, please visit www.sprottresource.com

CAPE Fund L.P.

The mission of CAPE Fund L.P. is to further a culture of economic independence, ownership, entrepreneurship, and enterprise management among Aboriginal peoples, on or off reserve, through creating and growing successful businesses.

CAPE Fund L.P. is a $50-million, private-sector investment fund founded by the family of the Right Honourable Paul Martin and 21 of Canada’s leading companies, individuals and international foundations. This visionary leadership has supported the Fund’s creation and novel approach to encouraging increased Aboriginal participation in Canada’s economy. CAPE Fund is focused on mid-market opportunities that have a strong degree of Aboriginal involvement and connection to Aboriginal communities throughout Canada. The Fund’s resources represent a serious effort to apply disciplined business and financial models to Aboriginal entrepreneurship and business ownership in pursuit of both the social goals and financial returns that are the Fund’s objectives.