Our cattle operations are a key element of our farm to fork business model. We are proud to have cattle ranches in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Ontario. In mid-2014 our herd had grown to 22,000 head of primarily Angus cattle. The cattle are raised under natural, organic or grass finished protocols and by owning all our animals we have unparalleled traceability and quality control.

Vertical Integration

In an effort to continually focus on improving efficiencies, One Earth Farms acquired Canadian Premium Meats (CPM) in Lacombe, Alberta in 2014. CPM is a cattle and bison harvesting facility that is federally and EU approved. Besides processing One Earth Farms's animals, CPM provides custom processing services for a wide range of domestic and international customers.

Value Added

Further processing of meat products takes place at the Beretta facility in Toronto. A wide range of value added products are made here including hot dogs, bacon and hamburger patties. Having the expertise to continually create new products that delight customers is an important element of the company strategy.


The One Earth Farms Brands are distributed across Canada through a distribution network that includes One Earth Farms own refrigerated trucks as well as third party carriers. In the Toronto area home delivery remains a core business for the Beretta brand and one which the founders are very proud to be doing for over 20 years.